Microcomputer Generator Main Protection Set

Computer generator main protection set device On-site operation of industrial-grade computer r computer generator main protection relay protection device for the rely, and in line with conventional experimental test of relay protection instrument, the introduction of the real teaching of our actual experimental device. Experimental setup mock panel wiring diagram, and there are corresponding indicator display, makes the experiment more intuitive display of. Experimental device provides six independent analog outputs, including three-way independence of AC voltage output and three-way independence of AC current output, and have their own precise indication of the corresponding instrument to ensure the completion of the flexibility and accuracy of the experiment Microcomputer-transformer unit protection devices mainly applied to power system large units of various wiring transformer protection. WFB-801A device integrates a generator of all the main protection.

Function :

Rotor one point ground plus two points ground protection, Generator percentage restraint differential protection, Incomplete longitudinal differential protection, Nominal restraint differential protection, Generator interturn protection, Split-phase horizontal differential protection, Generator-transformer group (main transformer,HV station service transformer,excitation transformer)differential protection, Excitation generator percentage restraint differential protection, Stator ground protection, Rotor one point ground protection, Loss of field protection, Inverse power protection, Step-loss protection, Low impedance protection, Zero sequence(directional)over current protection, Over excitation protection, Compound voltage start (directional) over current protection.

Rated DC source DC220V/DC110V/AC220V
Rated AC voltage V
Rated AC current 5A/1A
Rated frequency 50HZ
Work environmental temperature -25o ~+55o
Storage environmental temperature -25o~+70o
Relative humidity <=80%
AC voltage adjusting range 4V~100V
AC current adjusting range 0.1In~20 In
Zero-sequence current adjusting range 0.02A~12A
Weight 100Kg
Packing size 1660*750*1640
Micro-processor based line protection and measure and control devices WFB-801A
DC power source AC220VB220-500W
Gateway NWJ-801
Control switch LW21-16XZDH04-3N5
Commutation switch LW12-16XZDH02-2B5
Three-phase leakage breaker C65N/16A
Single-phase leakage breaker C65N/16A
AC contactor CJ20-10
DC contactor CJX4-0910Z/DC220V