Electric Technology Experimental Equipment

This equipment is designed for experiments covering course of "Circuit analysis", "fundamentals of electrical engineering", "electrical engineering", "digital electronics", "analog electronics", "motor control" and "relay control" which addresses the requirements of colleges or vocational schools.

It consists of control panel, desk, equipment kit and 3-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor.

AC Power Supply : 3-phase variable autotransformer 0-450v, Single-phase variable autotransformer 0-250v Three AC pointer type voltmeters for input or output switched measurements functions of over current, short circuit protection and leakage protection provided.

Fluorescent lamps: 220V@30W, the terminals are connected to the panel. One or lighting and the other
    for experiment.

  • Timer/alarm recorder, Function of lab service supervision including lab time set, alarming at expire time, faults history
  • One RMS value AC digital voltmeter: 0~500V measurement with auto judging & ranging, accuracy: class 0.5, 3 and 1/2 -digit display.
  • DGJ-03 Fundamentals of electric provides Kirchhoff's law, superposition principle, norton theorem, two-port network, reciprocity theorem, R LC series resonant circuits, RC series/parallel frequency selective network of first-order and second-order dynamic circuit
  • DGJ-05 components, capacitors, resistors, diodes, triodes, zener diode, potentiometes and 12V signal lamp, regulable resistors: 0~99999.9Ω/2W.
  • DGJ-04 AC circuits provides single-phase, 3-phase load, fluorescent lamp, transformer, mutual inductance and wattmeter. Six incandescent lamps, capacitors, 30W fluorescent lamp ballast, starter, iron-core transformer, current sockets etc.
  • DGJ-07-2 AC digital millivoltmeter, power meter and power factor meter, DSP based intelligent meter for measurements of watt, power factor with function of data recording voltage/current ranges: 0-450V/0-5A, AC digital mill voltmeter Measuring range: 0.2mV~600V(RMS value), ranges of it: 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 600V, with the functions of over-range alarming and turn-off the power automatically, frequency range: 10Hz~600kHz, input impedance: 1MΩ.


  • Application of instruments and calculation of measuring error
  • Instruments measuring error reduction
  • V-I characteristics plotting of linear & nonlinear circuit components
  • Potential & voltage measuring and potential diagram plotting
  • Demonstration of Kirchhoff's law and troubleshooting
  • Demonstration of superposition principle and troubleshooting
  • Equivalent transform between voltage source and current source
  • Demonstration of Thevenin theorem
  • Demonstration of Norton theorem
  • Two-port network
  • Demonstration of Reciprocity theorem
  • Research on controlled sources (VCVS, VCCS, CCVS and CCCS)
  • Observation and measurement of typical electrical signal
  • Response testing of first-order RC circuits
  • Response testing of second-order RC circuits
  • Impedance characteristics measurement of RLC components
  • Characteristics testing of RC series & parallel frequency selective network
  • Research on R LC series resonant circuits
  • AC circuit equivalent parameters measurement
  • Research on the phasor of sinusoidal steady-state AC circuits
  • Mutual inductance
  • Characteristics testing of single-phase iron-core transformer
  • Voltage and current measurement of 3-phase AC circuits
  • Calibration of single-phase wattmeter
  • Measurement of power factor and phase sequence