Computerized Torsion Testing Machine

The loading system of this machine, controlled by computer, rotates load through alternating servo motor and cycloidal gear reducer. Torque and twist angle detection uses the high-precision torque sensor and a photoelectric encoder; computer displays dynamically the curve of test torsion angle and torque, rate of loading, peak of power and so on

Maximum torque of test(Nm) 500, 1000, 2000
Relative error of torque <=±1%
Range of torsion angle measure 0~9999.9°
Relative error of torsion angle <=±1%;
Display of torsion angle Minimum resolution 0.1°
Angle of twist in small-angle measurement Minimum of resolution 0.0001°
Maximum distance between two collets(mm) >=500
Maximum distance between two collets(mm) φ6~φ20mm
Range of reverse speed 0~540°/min, Variable speed
Precision of speed ±1%
Direction of test rotation: Bidirectional
Power supply: 220V±10%,50Hz