Astron was established in 1991 for developing import substitute products in the field of Process Control Instrumentation. Astron initially developed products for level and temperature measurement in process instrumentation over the period of years. Astron has established its products in Indian market. Astron has diversified its business and has established itself in Automation Business. Astron has experienced in PLC, SCADA and Man machine interface. Astron has recently developed Temperature Transmitters that can accept universal inputs of thermocouples, RTD, mV and gives 4-20mA output on 2-wire design. This product is PC Programmable and is now getting widely accepted in the market.

CMRI Approval for Transmitter.
Sales Team

Astron has a strong sales team and has established good customer base in India. The sales team; consist of engineers having strong technical background in the instrumentation field.

Astron offers wide range of instruments for measurement of temperature, flow, pressure, humidity and analytical products for the process instrumentation field. Astron has a strong team for installation of the product in the field of instrumentation. Astron also offers services for software development of PLC, SCADA, MMI for automation products.

Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Process Automation, ...
Other Activities

Astron is involved in turnkey projects in process & analytical Instrumentation in INDIA for over a decade.