UV Visible Spectrophotometer

UV-Visible spectrophotometer is a new generation intelligent instrument, which is elaborated with sophisticated design and function and the optical system and electronic system embody the novel design concept. The instrument applies new type of asymmetric splitting technology and has high double beam stability, the beam with high luminous flux which ensures the high signal to noise ratio. The high resolution, low stray light and large LCD display of the instrument can meet various application requirements such as daily analysis and scientific research in different areas.

Outstanding Stability:

The novel ratio type double-beam technology ensures the high stability of instrument's performance. The high signal-noise ratio and repeatability of the measurement control raise the flatness of the spectrum scanning baseline to a new level.
Excellent Optical Properties:

High wavelength resolution, high wavelength accuracy, and super low stray light together enable the measurement of the absorbance of ultraviolet and visible area accurate, and the high density sample injection can be measured directly.

Automatic Operation:

The instrument has a 320*240 pixel, 6 inch graphic LCD display, a simple and clear thin film keypad, equipped with 40-line thermal sensitive plotter and powerful computer, which empowers the instrument to carry out a lot of functions, such as automatic photometric measurement, quantitative determination, spectrum scanning.

Large Automatic Sample Cell

The sample is large and contains a 10mm colorimetric cell support. The automatic 8-cell holder makes the 8 sample cells to move at the same time.

Indpendent Lamp Source Cell

The source lamp cell can adjust the best position of lamp automatically. The imported deuterium lamp can do the positioning precisely. The replacement of lamp can be made rapidly and easily.

Main Device Control & Pc Control:

For the lab which requires the instrument with compact structure, easy-to-operate characteristic, high performance and predefined measurement methods, UV-765 main device control system is an ideal choice. For the user who requires PC controlling equipment, the communication with the main device can be realized through the USB interface which empowers the PC to control the device. Besides, the device has multi-functional measurement result processing ability and the storage is very large.

Technical Specification:
Wavelength range 190nm~1100nm
Wavelength accuracy ±0.5nm
Wavelength repeatability ≤0.2nm
Transmission range 0~200%T
Absorbance measurement -0.301 A~3.000A
Transmission accuracy ±0.3%T
Transmission repeatability ≤0.15%T
Drift ≤0.001A/h (at 500nm)
Baseline linearity ±0.002A
Stray light ≤0.05% T
Noise 100%(T) Line Noise ≤0.15%(T); 0%(T) Line Noise ≤0.1%(T)
Scanning speed Fast, Medium, Slow
Spectrum bandwidth 2nm
Standard Configuration:
l Main device of UV-visible spectrophotometer: 1pc
l Thermal sensitive graphic printer: 1pc
l 10mm quartz colorimetric dish: 2pcs