Radar Level Transmitter

Continuous, non-contact Radar level transmitters

Measurement range up to 70m

Measurement accuracy: ±10mm

Electrical supply 24Vdc or 230Vac



  • Continuous, non-contact level measurement for solids, liquids, pulps and slurries
  • Measurement not affected by product physical variation, and very little affected by temperature changes, powders or vapours.
  • Max measure range: from 10m to 70m
  • Process temperature up to 180°C
  • Process pressure up to 40bar
  • Easy on-site configuration via menu-driven extractable matrix display
  • Easy on-site calibration via matrix display or by HART communication (optional)
  • 2/4 wire technology
  • Radar impulses 26GHz, K group
  • Level measurement and echo signal curve visualization on matrix display
  • Storage, recognition and erasement system for false echo signals



The microwave pulse, emittend by RPL radar antenna, travels to the product surface and a part of its energy is reflected and returned back to the antenna. The time gap from the emission and the retun is named "flight time" and is proportional to the distance between the product surface and the "zero point" normally located under the process connection ( flanged or threaded). RPL transmitters are equipped with a radar pulse signal detection technology, suitable to measure correctly the flightime and to obtain the level measurement.