32 Bit Microcomputer Principles And Interface Experimental System

The 32-bit microcomputer principle and interface experimental apparatus operates the interface objects through PCI expansion card and local bus. Many techniques are realized including I/O, interface expansion, memory, interrupt, data acquisition, data conversion, etc. Users can programming in assembly/C/C++ or other language and then do experiments with this apparatus, which is ideal for experiments of curriculums of "Microcomputer Principle & Interface Technique", "Microcomputer Control & Application", etc.

Environment for programming and debugging in protection mode and 32-bit real modes.

Experimental instance of assembly language, comprising real mode and protection mode program

Perfect VC++ experimental instance under Windows operating system.

Sustaining development of device program in series Windows operating system.

  • Sustaining application and development of USB bus
  • Local bus with function of secondary development
  • Expansion interfaces.
  • Aluminium alloy construction.
  • DC stabilized power supply: +5V (5A), +12V(1A) and -12V(1A)
  • Modules
Input interface Single pulse generation Chip interfaces 74LS273 32-bit expansion outputs
Frequency generator 8279 dot array keypad
DC variable power supply (0~5V) 8255 parallel expansion
32-bit switch input 8251 serial expansion
Output interface 32-bit LED display 16C550 serial  expansion
Dichromatic LEDs display (4) 8253 counter expansion
8-segment dynamic LEDs display Voice chip (with functions of mike, recording and playing)
16×16 LED dot array PCI DMA
Audio drive PCI interrupt
122×32 dot array graphic LCD display Memory 32-bit SRAM
Data conversion Parallel A/D conversion(ADC0809) Peripherals DC motor and drive
Parallel D/A conversion(DAC0832)   Step motor and drive
Serial A/D conversion(TLC549)   Infrared transmitting and receiving
Serial D/A conversion(LTC1446)   Temperature sensor & temperature control
V/F conversion CPLD module ALTERA 7128
F/V conversion Communication USB interface



  • Fetching Configuration of PCI Device
  • Fetching 32-bit Switch Value
  • 32-bit LEDs Display
  • Dot Array Display
  • Memory Read/write in Protection Mode
  • Interrupt
  • 8255 for Traffic Lights Simulation
  • 8255 for Keypad Scanning
  • 8279 for Keypad Scanning and Display
  • A/D Conversion (ADC0809)
  • D/A Conversion (DAC0832)
  • Serial A/D Conversion
  • Serial D/A Conversion
  • Step Motor Drive
  • DC Motor Drive
  • LCD Display
  • 8251 Serial Transmitting and Receiving
  • Communication Between 8251 and 16C550
  • Infrared Transmitting and Receiving
  • 8253 Electronic Tone
  • Memory DMA
  • Real-time Clock
  • Voice Control
  • Temperature Control
  • CPLD Control